Top Ten Reasons / Testimonials


10. Santa Lucia students perform extremely well on standardizes tests.

9. Children of all faiths and cultures are welcomed at Santa Lucia.

8. Santa Lucia offers both 3 and 4 year-old Pre-K programs.

7. Santa Lucia offers several unique arts and language programs that you won’t find most other places, like Opera in the Classroom, Symphony in the Classroom, and our Little Guitars Program.

6. Smaller classroom sizes allow for the most one on one attention between the teacher and your child.

5. Offering a strong faith-based education, Santa Lucia is a feeder school for St. Ignatius, Fenwick, DeLaSalle, Mount Carmel, and many other accredited Chicago Catholic high schools.

4. Santa Lucia is located just 1 minute west of the Dan Ryan Expressway.

3. With early drop-off and late pick-up, our doors are open from 6:45 am until 6 pm everyday.

2. Our unique philosophy helps every student develop creativity and self-expression at an early age.

1. Santa Lucia will help your child develop an artistic spirit, an inventive mind, and a strong sense of self.


“[At Santa Lucia] all the teachers are involved in their teaching and will gladly help any student struggling. There are great after school programs, like the school newspaper and tutoring for children who need help with homework. And the school has a computer room and classes to help children learn how to type… I enjoyed Santa Lucia because all the teachers, students, and staff made the school an all-around pleasant place to be.”
– John Ramirez (Santa Lucia Graduate, Class of ’08)

“My grandmother has been the secretary here for almost three decades, and my dad and younger sister are graduates of Santa Lucia. Because of Santa Lucia, I formed friendships that I know will last a lifetime, and have been surrounded by the most loving and caring teachers a person will ever know.”
– Claire Moravec (Santa Lucia Graduate, Class of ’05)

“The family atmosphere that is shared by our staff, students, parents, and friends has always impressed me. There is also a generosity about this school – everyone is always so willing to help one another. These things keep me coming back to Santa Lucia year after year.”
– James Wells (8th Grade Teacher)

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