Get Involved

Do you have a lot of time?  Or a little time?  Do you have some special skill, or do you just have a lot of heart?  Please scroll through our site and think about how you might fit into our family of friends; or read about our special funds and fundraising events and perhaps you will be inspired to invest in Santa Lucia.

You should know that we do whatever we can to protect our children and keep them safe in our building so if your involvement is going to include time with our students we will ask you to go through a program call Virtus Training.  This training is about two hours long, is free, and is usually presented in the evening at locations throughout the diocese.  We can give you all the details and help you with the class registration.  Coaches, for instance, and room parents should go through the Virtus program.

The pages that follow include some details about organizations that make an organized impact on our school.  But there are some casual ways that you can get involved, too.  This list includes some of each.

  • Business partner
  • School Board member
  • Plumber
  • Room parent
  • Raffle ticket buyer
  • Artist / Musician / Dancer / Actor
  • Coach
  • Parent Ambassador
  • Website assistant
  • Photographer
  • Baker / Cook
  • Videographer / Editor
  • Tutor
  • Painter
  • Reader

What happens in a school?  Whatever you can think of, it happens at Santa Lucia and you can probably help!


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