Students at Santa Lucia are invited to take part in several after school activities that enrich their days, help them connect to their fellow students and, perhaps unlike extracurricular programs at other schools, are directly related to their classroom activities.

Chess Club is a great opportunity for children to work together to learn strategic thinking and the ability to stay focused on a series of variables in a complex problem.  Our students can also be part of our Math and Science after school classes which are provided by two of our outstanding teachers, Mrs. Funk and Ms. Piegari, at no cost to school families.  (Could this be why Santa Lucia students do so well on the math and science portions of standardized tests?  We think so!)

Our Student Council includes children from first through eighth grade.  These class representatives learn about the democratic process, about working collaboratively with other groups, about compromise — they learn to become young leaders.  Student Council also has a hand in enhancing student life at Santa Lucia with special events.

Sixth through eighth graders publish our school newspaper, The Spirit,  three times a year.  The Spirit is a great representation of student life at Santa Lucia and includes news and photos of activities in every grade level.

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