Alumni News

Dear Alumnus,

For many of us, SantaLuciaSchool was a place where we didn’t have much, but did, and still do, have each other. Santa Lucia taught us many important lessons, is the source of good memories, and provided us with friendships to last a lifetime. Now, 50 years later, SantaLuciaSchool continues to provide the same quality education and caring environment that helped shape our lives.

SantaLuciaSchool challenges students to excel in the core areas of study by providing a great family atmosphere and a diverse student body, as well as a low student to teacher ratio. Santa Lucia enriches the traditional course of study with state of the art technology and strong fine arts, math, and science enrichment programs. Santa Lucia students have consistently tested in the top 10% of all Catholic grammar schools in the Chicago area.

We are working on a database of all Santa Lucia graduates so as to inform them of happenings at school, start an alumni association, have social events and generally promote all things Santa Lucia. This is a way to keep in touch with each other and support the school that was a second home to us when we were growing up.

We have some events in the works already but need to hear from you:  How would you like to become involved with Santa Lucia?  We’re planning a 40th reunion lunch for the class of 1973, a cocktail reception for all alumni and a program that invites alumni into school — be teacher for a day, share stories, speak to 8th graders about high school, etc. Of course, nothing happens without your help and participation.

We are working on a form that will help us gather this information online but we aren’t quite there yet.  (Would you like to help?  Please get in touch.)  We need the following basic information:

Last Name/Married Name;  First Name;  Year Graduated; Address ; City; State ; Zip; Email Address

If you know even some of that information for siblings, cousins, neighbors or friends, particularly the email address, please let us know.  We have to start somewhere!  One of our goals is to be able to post lists of our “missing” alumni on our new website very soon; right now, we have more “missing” than found.

Please email us at  We can’t wait to hear from you!


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