At Santa Lucia, we provide a traditional faith-based education with an emphasis on creativity and self-expression in all subjects. We offer a comprehensive curriculum, which includes Religion, Saxon Math, Science, Language Arts, Italian, Social Studies, History, Reading, Art, Music, PE, and Computer classes. We also offer both 3 and 4 year-old Pre-K programs.

This comprehensive curriculum has played an important role in our high performance on Terra Nova tests, which positively impacts high school placement. Our scores are currently above the national average in every subject, with grades 3, 5 and 7 performing above their anticipated scores on a yearly basis.

Primary Grades (K-2)

We see our primary grades as the building blocks of our school – which is why we emphasize fundamental reading and writing skills, group work, and hands-on learning. Small class sizes give students the attention they need at an early age – and introductory music, art, and technology courses expose students to the arts as early as Kindergarten.

Students in the primary grades also begin to develop a basic understanding of their faith, preparing to make Reconciliation and Communion by 2nd grade.

Intermediate Grades (3-5)

Our intermediate grades have a long tradition of excellence, exceeding state standards in all subjects and outscoring national standards for Terra Nova scores. And that’s largely due to our strong teaching core. We’re proud to say that all our intermediate teachers are either state certified or hold Master’s Degrees, with endorsements in the subjects they teach.

Highlights for the intermediate grades include after-school Math (3rd grade), a yearly map competition (3rd and 4th grades), Opera in the Classroom (4th and 5th grades), and annual student skits (5th grade).

Junior High Grades (6-8)

Our Junior High curriculum is designed to help adolescents become professional learners and mature, critical thinkers. Courses become more specialized, with Junior High grades split into three departments: Math, Science, and Social Studies. All of our Junior High teachers hold Master’s Degrees or endorsements in the subjects they teach. And, of course, we continue our strong emphasis on the arts: every year, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students collaborate on a creative project for our school’s “World’s Fair.”

In our 8th grade courses, teachers place special emphasis on exam preparation and independent learning – readying students for their transition into high school, both academically and socially.


Accredited and recognized by the Archdiocese of Chicago and the State of Illinois
Member of the National Catholic Education Association

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Teacher Achievement Award
Recipient of Big Shoulders’ Patron Donor Grant
Recipient of the Polk Brother Grant, 2006-2007
Recipient of the Barney Foundation Scholarship, 2006-2007
New Frontier School Award
“Heart of the School” Award


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